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Ten Ways to Annoy Your Visitors

1.   Make them wait while your designer's favorite graphics are loading.

2.   Have a multitude of "pull down" navigation buttons. Make them search for the information they want.

3.   Have numerous pop-up banners or graphics. (Make sure that they pop up in front of the information your visitors are trying to read)

4.   Create an extra wide site. Hide your information on the right to force them to scroll right.

5.   Have a lot of dark type on a dark background (or light on light)

6.   Use a lot of tiny type for your message. Use script or all caps to make it even harder to read.

7.   Have as many pdf files as you can. Make your visitors have to wait for something they may not need.

8.   Have numerous links that don't work or links to sites that are no longer relevant.

9.   Use your keywords often. At least once or twice in every sentence.

10. Never give any information away. At least force your visitors to register before giving them anything worthwhile.

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