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Promote your Site

Add your domain name to your business card, stationery, invoices and anything else you have printed. A great way to get started but it will not get you a customer you would not get anyway.

Get your site listed in directories. Trade associations, chambers of commerce and other organizations often list her members in online or printed directories.

Keep it secure. and running. Your site can be hacked by others or compromised by you. There is little you can do to prevent hacking. Even large, secure sites fall victim to professional hackers. You can prevent compromising it through your computer.
Check your site often and back it up. Be ready to replace pages or the whole site.
Continue improving your site. Update your site regularly so visitors and search engines will keep coming back. Keep improving your content; check your key word performance and your rankings.

E-mail and feedback forms. Your customers or clients should be able to contact you from your site.

For an e-commerce site you will need to get a special package of tools including a shopping cart, credit card and security.

Access and editing. If you are going to update your site frequently you need a broadband connection. You will get FTP access from your hosting provider and should consider an HTML editor.

TemplateZone: Hot, easy to use and affordable products for a very dynamic market. Our software tools integrate HTML, photo editing, document creation and more to provide a valued resource to any business

Trellian FTP file transfer

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (sometimes called organic search) assures that search engines index your site. The goal is to get your site noticed before your competitor's site and to get searchers "click" on and "visit" your site.

The key is finding words that people normally search with to find a site like yours. Then using these words repeatedly in your title and in the body of your page.

Of course it is not that simple.

The title tag on a page should be 30 words or less and your keywords should be repeated three times. That not only limits you to about ten key words but also makes it difficult to create a clear title that will attract visitors.

The rest of the page is easy because you have room to work with. Here you have to be carefull to use your keywords but not to use them too often since search engines may interpret that as keyword stuffing or spamming.

As you develope the site, test and re-test. Check for broken links. Check your title tags and metadata. Make sure your image attributes are correct. If you are linking to other sites re-check periodically to be sure that the site has not moved and you still want the link.

We recently found Web CEO, an excellent tool for search engine optimization. What we love about this program is that it gives us everything we need to run and promote our site. Test drive it. Download the Free Edition from their Web site.

Bookmark this page. We are constantly looking for new tools and ways to make your work and site better.

Site Submission

Once you are satisfied with your site and your keywords you are ready to submit your site to search engines and directories.

Search Engines

Your hosting company may include monthly submission at no additional cost.
Many search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN have free submission tools on their site.
Services will submit your site to a group of search engines periodically for a fee.


Depending on your product or service directories may bring you better prospects than search engines. Some worthwhile ones are:
Commercial directories
On-line yellow pages
Local web-sites
Trade association
Chambers of commerce

PPC Pay per click

Google, Yahoo!, MSN and numerous other services will advertise your site and charge you when someone visits it. If you have a unique product, have a perfectly optimized site, have been on-line for more than nine months and are satisfied with the results you don't need PPC. However, if you have a variety of products or services and change them often it it may be your best marketing tool.

Some of the advantages of pay per click are:

 • You get results as soon as your site is on-line.
 • As with keywords, you can target your audience.
 • You can accurately track the results.
 • You can accurately test your ads.
 • You can accurately test your key words.
 • The cost is generally less than banners, etc.
 • You can immediately adjust your budget.
 • It keeps working as you change your site.

Make sure that the service allows you to budget your expenses. Unlimited response will cost you unlimited amount of money

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