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Your domain name

 • The first step to getting your site is getting your address on the web.

 • If your company name is short try to get it.

 • If not, or if it is not available, try to get a short name that people will remember. Evidently, for a new, internet based business almost any short & catchy name will do. (What does "ebay" really mean? What does "monster" have to do with finding a job?)

 • Whatever the name, try to get a ".com" ending. People will try that ending with your name. Other endings, .biz, .us, .org, are really good if you have the same name ending in .com.

 • Search for available names or bid on existing names..

 • If you are not in a rush, try names that have expired. Sometimes you get better, shorter names but you will have to wait for the name to be released and possibly bid for it at an auction.

 • Remember that you will want to personalize your e-mail address to you domain name.

Choose a Registrar who will provide:

 • Domain Security - Protection against unauthorized transfers of domain names

 • Automatic renewal - Protection against accidental loss of name registrations.

Get your name
before it's gone!

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