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PPC Pay per click

Google, Yahoo!, MSN and numerous other services will advertise your site and charge you when someone visits it. If you have a unique product, have a perfectly optimized site, have been on-line for more than nine months and are satisfied with the results you don't need PPC. However, if you have a variety of products or services and change them often it it may be your best marketing tool.

Some of the advantages of pay per click are:

 • You get results as soon as your site is on-line.
 • As with keywords, you can target your audience.
 • You can accurately track the results.
 • You can accurately test your ads.
 • You can accurately test your key words.
 • The cost is generally less than banners, etc.
 • You can immediately adjust your budget.
 • It keeps working as you change your site.

Make sure that the service allows you to budget your expenses. Unlimited response will cost you unlimited amount of money

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