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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (sometimes called organic search) assures that search engines index your site. The goal is to get your site noticed before your competitor's site and to get searchers "click" on and "visit" your site.

The key is finding words that people normally search with to find a site like yours. Then using these words repeatedly in your title and in the body of your page.

Of course it is not that simple.

The title tag on a page should be 30 words or less and your keywords should be repeated three times. That not only limits you to about ten key words but also makes it difficult to create a clear title that will attract visitors.

The rest of the page is easy because you have room to work with. Here you have to be carefull to use your keywords but not to use them too often since search engines may interpret that as keyword stuffing or spamming.

As you develope the site, test and re-test. Check for broken links. Check your title tags and metadata. Make sure your image attributes are correct. If you are linking to other sites re-check periodically to be sure that the site has not moved and you still want the link.

We recently found Web CEO, an excellent tool for search engine optimization. What we love about this program is that it gives us everything we need to run and promote our site. Test drive it. Download the Free Edition from their Web site.

Bookmark this page. We are constantly looking for new tools and ways to make your work and site better.

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